Multiple Choice


This semester, my Intercultural Communication students asked me to include multiple choice questions on a quiz. I had a long discussion with the students about how much I dislike multiple choice questions because they assume that there is one correct answer. Short answer, in my opinion, allows the student more of an ability to think critically and gives the students the opportunities to surprise the teacher and themselves with certain answers.┬áMy students, however, were persistent so I said I’d give it a shot. Most students got more multiple choice questions wrong than they did short answer questions causing them to get lower grades. When asked if they wanted me to put multiple choice questions on the test again they said “Yes! Just make them even more straightforward.” This painting allowed me to process this experience. The plastic figures are mortared onto the plastic wrap on the canvas. The instructions were modified from a coloring book page (I plan to do more work with coloring book pages and text). The pirate on the right represents me.

14 X 11